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  • Romeo 4ND Juliet(ID:106753)

    5.5 USD
    Difficulty:\r\nNovice\r\nLength:\r\nShort\r\nQuest Requirements:\r\nNone\r\nSkill/Other Requirements:\r\nNo requirements.\r\nItems Needed at Quest Start:\r\nNone.\r\nItems Needed to Complete Quest:\r\nNone.\r\nItems Recommended f0R Quest:\r\nNone.\r\nItems Acquired During Quest:\r\nCadava berries, 4ND a Cadava potion.\r\nQuest Points:\r\n5\r\nReward:\r\nQuest points only.
  • Devious Minds(ID:106663)

    6.92 USD
    Requirement:<br>Level 65 Smithing ( 63 if you use a Mature Dwarven Stout, adds 2) <br>Level 50 Fletching<br>Level 50 RuneCrafting<br>Must have completed:<br>Wanted<br>Troll Stronghold<br>Doric\\\'s Quest<br>Mage of Zamorak Mini-Quest<br>Rewards:<br>5,000 Fletching Xp, 5,000 Runecrafting Xp, 4ND 6,500 Smithing Xp<br>Time:3Hours
  • The Eyes of Glouphrie(ID:106686)

    6.92 USD
    Requirement:<br>Must have completed The Gr4ND Tree,<br>Level 5 Construction,<br>Level 46 Magic,<br>Level 13 Runecrafting would be an advantage,<br>Level 45 Woodcutting would be an advantage.<br>Rewards:<br>250 Construction XP, 12k Magic XP, 6k Runecrafting XP, 2.5k Woocutting XP, A small crystal seed (enchant it at the Singing bowl to make a Crystal Saw!), 4ND 2 Quest points.<br>Time:3Hours
  • The Digsite(ID:106664)

    3.54 USD
    Requirement:<br>Level 25 Thieving, Level 10 Agility 4ND Level 10 Herblore<br>Rewards:<br>2 Gold Bars, 2,000 Herblore Experience, 15,300 Mining Experience, 4ND of course the ability to Pan 4ND Dig at the Dig Site. Extra: Show the Curat0R all Digging Certificates 4ND you can choose between a free Snack (Chocolate Cake) 0R a Drink (Fruit Blast Cocktail) Extra: Show the Curat0R all Digging Certificates 4ND you can choose between a free Snack (Chocolate Cake) 0R a Drink (Fruit Blast Cocktail)<br>Time:3Hours
  • Doric\'s Quest(ID:106665)

    2.46 USD
    Requirement:<br>15 mining is a huge advantage<br>Rewards:<br>1300 mining exp, 180 gold coins, permission to use Doric\'s anvils.<br>Time:2Hours
  • Dream Mentor(ID:106666)

    5.7 USD
    Requirement:<br>Quests:<br>Lunar Diplomacy<br>Eadgar\'s Ruse<br>Levels:Combat level 85<br>Rewards:<br>2 quest points, 15k Hitpoints XP, 10k Magic XP, a lamp that gives 15k XP in any combat skill, 4ND access to new lunar spells.<br>Time:3Hours
  • Druidic Ritual(ID:106667)

    3.54 USD
    Requirement:<br>None<br>Rewards:<br>250 herblore xp needed to begin the skill.<br>Time:3Hours
  • Dwarf Cannon(ID:106668)

    3.54 USD
    Requirement:<br>Level 20 agility to cross log bridge recommended<br>Rewards:<br>Crafting xp, ability to buy a multicannon f0R 750k, 0R different pieces f0R 200k each<br>Time:3Hours
  • Eadgars\' Ruse(ID:106669)

    5.7 USD
    Requirement:<br>Level 20 agility to cross log bridge recommended<br>Rewards:<br>11k Herblore Experience, ability to Teleport to Trollheim (Level 61 to use 4ND requires 2 Law 4ND 2 Fire Runes)<br>Time:4Hours
  • Eagles\' Peak(ID:106670)

    3.54 USD
    Requirement:<br>27 Hunter.<br>Rewards:<br>2 Quest Points, 2,500 Hunter XP, the ability to catch ferrets 4ND rabbits, 4ND the ability to ride the eagles FR0M Eagle\'s Peak.<br>Time:3Hours
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